Pre-Employment Drug Testing and Background Checks

Ensuring a healthy and productive workplace.

We all know how important drug testing and background check programs can be to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment, but they can be tricky to set up and maintain.

With ProService Hawaii, you gain access to a suite of turnkey drug testing and pre-employment screening program options at affordable rates, along with HR experts who are available to help you tailor a program to the exact needs of your company and your budget.


Protect your employees, customers and business by implementing a drug-free workplace program including one or more of the following: 

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Ensure that each of your newly hired employees is drug-free with our pre-employment drug testing. Applicants are tested following the offer of employment, with the offer being contingent on a negative test result.

Random Drug Testing

Reduce the chance of illegal drug use within your company by implementing a random workplace drug-testing program. Random testing is unannounced and may be applied either to a specified group of employees (e.g., by job code or worksite location) or to your entire company.

Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing

If you suspect illegal drug use by an employee, this program—together with our professional documentation procedures—can help you effectively safeguard your workplace and avoid potential liability.


At ProService Hawaii, we know that your employees are your business. Our wide range of screenings help ensure that you are making the best possible hiring decisions for your business.

  • Hawaii Criminal History Check (including federal crimes committed in Hawaii)
  • Credit History Check (Supervisor/Management level only)
  • Previous Employment Verification (2 employers or 7 years of employment)
  • Education Verification
  • Personal Reference Checks (3 individuals)
  • Civil Filings Check (includes state and federal court filings in Hawaii)
  • Hawaii Traffic Abstract
  • Fingerprinting Services (includes FBI background check)
  • Professional License Verification (Hawaii)

Did you know?

Employees who use drugs are 3.6 times more likely to be involved in a workplace accident and 5 times more likely to file a workers’ compensation claim? 
(Hawaii Occupational Safety & Health Division)

Did you know?

53% of all job applications contain inaccurate information.
(Society for Human Resource Management)

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