Worksite Safety

Proactively designed, custom tailored.

At ProService Hawaii, our top priority is to foster a proactive culture of safety at your worksite. That’s why our Workers’ Compensation program includes the services of a team of certified safety experts who visit your site and guide you toward actionable next steps. 

Safety Program Development and Support

ProService Hawaii Safety Managers work closely with you to create a safety program customized specifically for your business and workplace. Once implemented, the safety team continues to be available for ongoing support, guidance, trainings and consultations.

OSHA and HIOSH Compliance Guidance and Support 

With their expert knowledge and experience in dealing with government agency inspections, our in-house Safety Managers are a valuable resource that can help you prevent accidents and avoid costly non-compliance fines and penalties. We provide site inspections, analysis, extensive reporting, and official documentation of your safety measures and improvements. 

Certified Safety Training Programs

ProService Hawaii is proud to offer a complete range of certified safety and compliance training programs for managers and employees alike.

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ProService Hawaii has a lower worker’s compensation claim frequency of  24.1 per thousand, versus the state’s average of 36.9 per thousand – translating to more competitive rates for clients.

2012 State of Hawaii Dept of Labor and Industrial Relations, Research and Statistics Office.

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